Spring 2020 Newsletter

We had a great year in 2019 serving 127 veterans and 48 family members.  We did have a few hiccups – a blizzard caused us to cancel an ice fishing event, the lodge in South Dakota that we were scheduled to stay at for the pheasant hunt burned in late summer so we ended up making two trips to accommodate all applicants, another blizzard on the 10 of October severely limited the disabled deer hunt on Rydell Refuge.  Our “Riley Kuznia Memorial Disabled Veterans Goose Hunt” was well attended and a good number of geese were harvested, this event is memorable in that the Minnesota Dept of Veteran Affairs Commissioner, Larry Herke was here on Friday and Saturday as a volunteer and to observe our operations, he toured our two deer camps and facilities & was out in the field with one of our groups of hunters.

For 2020 we are expanding our deer hunting area to approximately 4000 acres, this will provide more flexibility in the positioning of our blinds and more opportunities for Veterans to harvest a deer.  We also plan to request permission again from MN DNR to hunt geese over water during the early season.

January 16th 2020 MRVO had its’ annual meeting, the 2019 finance and event operations reports were read and accepted, the 2020 budget was presented and approved, the bi-annual election of officers was held and various committees were re-organized.  The 2020 fundraising efforts and the planning for this years’ events now begins.  It is anticipated that we will again do a raffle in cooperation with “Hardware Hank Stores” “Big Buck Contest”.  The grants that we have been receiving from V4V (which partially funded operations) are no longer available because there is a three year limit on these, so we will be pursuing other sources of financing for our operations, various VFW, American Legion posts & DAV Chapters as well as MN DAV Foundation have been faithfull supporters of our mission of serving veterans and their family members.  We continue to receive various amounts of donations from individuals.  MRVO is sincerely appreciative of the all the support we receive.

MRVO is planning for 11 or possibly 12 events for 2020 with a goal of serving a total of 180     veterans / family members with outdoor recreation activities.

Check out the “EVENTS SCHEDULE” page for upcoming adventures, you can find a link to print an application at the bottom of our events page. Don’t hesitate to call or  e-mail with any questions you may have.

May – June 2019 Newsletter

We now have our Tracked Wheelchair and have been doing a bit of familiarization and experimenting with it. This machine will be a huge benefit to our mobility impaired veterans that participate in our events, especially the Disabled Veterans Goose Hunt, the Deer Hunt, and the Pheasant Hunt.

MRVO is in the process of building a hunting blind that is accessible by the “TRACK” with enough room for a caregiver. This will give us capability to accommodate veterans with nearly any level of disability. We had planned for two of these blinds but our grant and fundraising for capital expenditures has not yet provided enough money.

We have finalized the reservations for our guided, old fashioned Pheasant Hunt in the fields near Hitchcock, South Dakota. We reserved spots for 12 veterans to hunt Saturday and Sunday, November 2nd & 3rd . There is still some planning to be done for this event, we will probably travel there on Friday & home Monday.

The popularity of our great annual fishing adventure at “Slims Resort” continues, we had made reservations for 18 and now have over 30 applications. We were able to arrange lodging and one more charter boat for 6 additional veterans, now a total of 24.

Check the “EVENTS” page in our website for a schedule of upcoming adventures and at the bottom of the page there is a link to print an application.