2022 Fishing Trip – “Thank you for a great fishing event. Wonderful to be with the other vets.” – Gayle, Steve and Jim

2022 Fishing Trip – “Thank you soooo much I have never enjoyed a fishing trip so much.  I have not gone fishing for over ten years. Every part of the trip was special and well planned.  The camaraderie was great!  I have not experienced that feeling for a long time.” – G.W. Jerry Thibert

October 7th, 2019 – “I was fortunate to be selected to attend the Middle River Veterans Outdoors fishing trip at Lake of the Woods this past August. Thank you for that opportunity. It was thoroughly enjoyable. The work you all have done to organize and conduct these trips is really impressive.” – John Engels, Lt Col, Retired

September 17th, 2019 – “THANK YOU so much MRVO for getting my Dad, Lester, on the Goose Hunt last Saturday. He had a WONDERFUL time!! He’s still talking about it, how well he was treated and how much fun it was. He always went goose hunting every fall until the last ten years or so when his knees started causing problems and he never thought he’d get to go again – until you came along! You really made him happy. Thank you.” – Vickie

September 14th, 2019 – “Your organization is the greatest, the guides and volunteers put their heart and soul into the events and the camaraderie is amazing to see.” – Delray Larson, Cmdr, American Legion Post 444

September 14th, 2019 – “I participated in a Middle River Disabled Veterans Goose hunt, the food was great, the hunting was excellent, the guides and volunteers were friendly, engaging and worked very hard to make this a wonderful experience.  The guides even cleaned the birds and packaged the meat for us.  This is the best by far, for any veterans hunts I have been on.  I want to thank this organization for the hard work they did putting on a great hunt for our veterans.” – Hank Sadler, MSgt. USAF (Ret) Nicollet County CVSO (Ret)

August 7, 2019 – “My name is Steve Stone and I am a service connected veteran and an above the knee amputee. I had my leg removed in March of 2018. I use a cane and a wheelchair for when I’m not wearing my leg. Getting used to the new prosthesis has been difficult especially if I need to walk very far. I’m always looking for ways to make it easier.

Just before our county fair in mid-July, I received a call from a representative of the Middle River Veterans Outdoors (MRVO) organization. As a County Veterans Service Officer, I am very familiar with this group and all the great things they do for disabled veterans. Knowing that I am an amputee, he asked if I would like to use their new motorized tracked wheel chair during the fair. As I mentioned earlier, I’m always looking for ways to make getting around easier so I jumped at the chance to use it.

It was phenomenal! The actual name is “Action Track Chair”. It has a switch to move the chair down and forward to get into it plus it has five speeds and other “bells and whistles”. From what I understand, MRVO received the chair as a result of a large grant to enable disabled vets to get out and fish or hunt for deer and geese. It was comfortable and I had no problem keeping it steady even as I went over curbs and uneven surfaces. It gave me the opportunity to really enjoy the fair this year and I can’t thank the MRVO folks enough for giving me the opportunity to use it. Thank You!

If you would like more information about my experience with the chair, I can be reached at 218-683-7034 or via e-mail at: sjstone@co.pennington.mn.us” – Steve Stone

MRVO “Track” at the Pennington County Fair 2019


January 15th, 2019 – “Thank you very much MRVO, for the opportunity to have this ice fishing experience with fellow veterans. Special thanks to Jason Cervantes for his helpfulness and good humor throughout the day. Shane Wahl provided great facilities, a smooth, comfortable ride out onto the lake, good fishing advice and stories. It was a great day! I had the opportunity to fish with two young fellows I had never met before and whose Dad signed my high school diploma 52 years ago. I appreciated that and I enjoyed the visit with them immensely. It was an honor. Thanks! – Gary Rachuy Warroad, MN